Checkout the PST File Viewer Working — How it Works

The steps provided by the software are simple and user friendly to view PST file and data in it. Sometimes, users do not want to install Outlook but think about an optional way through which he/she can view PST file (without installing Outlook) and in such cases this tool comes in use.

This tutorial is for the users who have been downloaded our software, but still in doubt about its working and processing. So, go ahead and start reading the given instructions that tell about the step by step workflow of software in a concise manner.

Step 1

  • After complete installation of Outlook PST Viewer, just search the term PST Viewer in the windows search box to open it or follow the given below path:
  • Start >> All Programs >> Outlook PST Viewer Pro

PST Viewer Pro

Step 2:

  • Insert the Outlook Data File which you want to examine profoundly by clicking on Add File button.

Add File

Step 3

  • The next step asks user to browse PST file and prompts a small pop-up screen so that a user could insert the Outlook PST File which is required to examine. To do so, hit on the Browse button.

Browse PST File

Step 4

Download and Run Software

  • Tool comes with two variant modes of scanning, which allow to view, scan and repairs the PST file database in different approaches.
    • Quick: Explore data without digging out the PST's details.
    • Advance: Help to examine Outlook Data with details
  • Make a click on the "Add File" button after choosing the mode of scanning.

Add PST File

Step 5

  • Click on "Yes" button to begin the scanning.

index search

Step 6

  • Once software scans the entire database, you will get a notification message on the screen about complete scanning of data file. Then, click on "Ok" to view the scanned emails.

Scanning Process

Step 7

  • Application will automatically load and show the entire database using its default "Normal Mail View". Apart from this, PST file viewer also renders the Outlook data using other view modes available within it.

Preview Data

Step 8

  • Property View tells about various major properties of a single email such as Header, Message Flags, Recipients, Sender Details, etc.

Properties View

Step 9

  • View embedded attachment of a specific email using "Attachments" option.


Step 10

  • Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and other Outlook items are also the prime attribute of any PST File. Via using the PST Viewer, you can also view these attributes and can even apply filters on them to export.

Preview Calendar

Step 11

  • Advance search option is an inbuilt feature within PST viewer that can help to search out a single email from multiple PST files or folders.

Advanced Search

Step 12

  • Make your search course more effective and simple by enforcing the various criteria on the search filtration. Use To, BCC, From and other key properties of email to find precise sorting of results. By deploying AND and OR operator, you can get more precise results.

Add filter

Step 13

  • View the resultant emails for which you had applied filtration using major properties.

Search Result

Step 14

  • After analyzing emails completely, save the required emails using "Export" button.

Export Mail

Step 15

  • Export the required data with appropriate data structure because software also endows various filtration options on viewed PST File before exporting it.
    • Choose Selective Folders to Export.
    • Apply Naming Convention on emails.
  • Click on "Export" button to begin the exportation and finalize the complete execution.

Export Option

Step 16

  • Access the saved PDF files.

View PST to PDF