Excel to vCard Converter – Transfer Contacts from XLS to VCF

  • Convert Excel spreadsheet to vCard in a batch processing
  • Renders Excel data on the software panel during Excel to VCF conversion
  • Provide mapping between Excel fields and vCard fields
  • Transfer contacts from XLS to vCard by generating single VCF file for all contacts
  • Move even empty Excel contacts to vCard that doesn't have any email address
  • Migrate Excel to VCF along with all rows & columns present in the spreadsheet
  • Export Excel contacts to vCard 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0 without losing any information
  • Supports all versions of MS Excel (XLS file only) including Excel 2016 and all below versions

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Features of Excel to vCard Converter

Have a Look at Excel Data

Preview all Excel Rows and Columns

XLS to vCard converter tool loads and preview the data, which your Excel file contains- it includes all rows, columns and attributes of each cell of spreadsheet. By this way, users can view the useful resources as per their requirements by moving from one column or row to another column or row.

Convert Excel to VCF

Convert Excel to vCard in batch

This Excel to VCF converter also allows users to migrate numerous contacts from XLS to vCard file format simultaneously with the help of batch processing feature. Apart from this, a one can also create a single vCard for single contact or a single vCard for multiple contacts.

vCard edition

Support different versions of vCard

This Excel spreadsheet to vCard converter supports three different VCF formats in which a user can convert their Excel contacts. These versions are vCard 2.1, vCard 3.0 and vCard 4.0. Once you do the mapping of fields, Excel to VCF converter asks you to choose anyone from these.

Import Empty Email Address

Move Contacts consisting no Email

Excel contacts which do not have an email address can also be transitioned from an excel spreadsheet into a vCard file format. To grab this feature, users can select the "Allow Empty Email Addresses to be Imported" check box while defining settings for the conversion.

Map Excel vCard Fields

Mapping of Excel fields to vCard

MS Excel as well as vCard uses "fields" to keep all the information with in it. By keeping this in mind, the software lets the users to map the fields present in the XLS contacts and vCard contacts. By utilizing this feature, users can match the fields available under the right hand side in the Excel field and vCard field.

vCard Devices

Different vCard Supported Platforms

After exporting XLS to VCF, the converted VCF can be imported to other platforms and operating system that supports VCF file. The vCard file format is supported in Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and MAC. Therefore, users can load excel contacts into MS Outlook, Apple email client, Eudora, all MIME type email client.

Software Video – Workings of XLS to VCF Converter

Screenshots of Software

XLS to VCF Converter
Step 1: Excel to vCard Converter
Preview of Contacts
Step 2: Preview of Contacts
Mapping of Attributes
Step 3: Mapping of Attributes
Conversion Process
Step 4: Conversion Process

Specifications of Excel Spreadsheet to vCard Converter

excel-to-vcard Box

Size: 3.0MB Version: 5.0

FAQs Regarding XLS to vCard Converter

Does this software compatible with Mac computer/device?

No, the software cannot be run on Mac machine. This tool is specially built for Windows platform and hence it can be easily run over Windows device

What is the capacity of this software to convert Excel contacts to VCF file at once?

This software has capability to convert any size of Excel file contacts to vCard. It is already tested with 20GB size of XLS contacts which has been exported successfully to VCF file format.

Does the software supports converting XLS contacts to vCard in bulk number?

No, the software can export one XLS file contacts at a time to another vCard format. However, the tool can effectively convert XLS file to VCF simultaneously and this way multiple contacts file can be migrated.

Does this tool have capability to generate a single VCF for all XLS contacts?

Yes, this is possible to create a single VCF file for all excel contacts with the help of this utility. To do this, users need to select the "Single vCard File for All Contacts" option while running the software

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Features FREE Version PRO Version
Preview Excel Content
Map Attributes (Excel Fields & vCard Attributes)
Display the list fo Matched Attributes
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Export Excel to vCard
Display & Export Email Address First 5 Char of Email Address No Limitations
Display & Export Phone/Mobile Number First 8 Char of Phone Number No Limitations